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HD Labels are pleased to announce the all new L301 Label Printer from Afinia. This is a completely new offering from Afinia which uses the tried and trusted HP Thermal Inkjet technology. This printer has been manufactured to make printing full colour labels on demand simple and affordable for startups and small businesses.

Simply connect the printer via USB to your PC and within minutes you're printing high quality, colour labels. We've found this to be a great "out of box" printer which doesn't need an Engineer to come and install it. Simply follow the walk through guide and you'll be printing in no time.

The Afinia L301 uses 2 cartridges (CMY + K) meaning your black is a true black and not made up of your 3 colours. This offers a better mix of colours, higher resolution and if you're printing lots of black or text it should save you a little money too. 4800 x 1200 dpi at full colour, edge to edge printing means this produces a quality label without having to spend thousands on a printer.

The L301 also comes with a built-in, manual cutter which makes cutting off your printed labels simple. It prints from 2" to 8.5" label stock on many different types of material. As long as they are inkjet printable you can print on both papers and PP materials.

Printer speed on the Afinia L301 is about 4.6 cm/sec (1.8 in/sec [ips]) when printing a 5.6 cm (2.2 in) wide image in normal mode. With inkjet it all depends on what your coverage is and the resolution you want to print at when it comes to speed.

Don't get me wrong, if you're printing thousands of labels a day this isn't for you. You probably should look at its big brother (Afinia L801). But if you're running samples, 10 of this, 50 of that in a day. Then this is ideal and a great place to start.

Get in touch today for samples and to find out how the Afinia L301 might help you. Or click on the link to buy one - Afinia L301

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