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Afinia launched their L901 label printer on the 1st of February 2018. It's a redesigned version of the popular L801 model with the main focus being to improve the ease of use for inline integration with finishing systems and applicators, although there are also a few other attractive improvements for those printing large volumes of labels.

Why buy the Afinia L-901 and not the Afinia L-801?

Both printers offer high speed, high quality 1600 x 1600 dpi and economical running costs. However the Afinia L901 has been designed to carry out print head servicing and cleaning "on- the- fly". Mid job print head cleaning can be a frustration when using the L-801 in line with a finishing system. This will mean materials can remain threaded through the printer / finisher at all times. This saves time, material wastage & hassle for the user which will ultimately increase productivity whilst lowering running costs. 

The ink formula has also been optimized which will cut costs by roughly 10% and offer greater UV and water resistance. 

l901 overview

Afinia L901 Printer Highlights:

- Better for inline integration with a finisher

- Lower running costs

- Improved ink durability

- Darker black ink

- Increased print head life

- With the XL unwinder rolls up to 10" OD (around 250m depending on material) can be used.

Afinia L901 Costs:

The Afinia L-901 has a list price of £8000 compared to the Afinia L-801 at £5995 so it won't be for everyone. The L801 will continue to be supplied and supported so the L901 is not a replacement for the L801 but for certain customers it will make more sense depending what the end solution is needed for. 

Afinia L901 Offer:

Until the 31st March any customers new to the Afinia brand can get an introductory offer of a free second set of inks worth £575.

Can I upgrade to the L-901 from the L-801?

For those currently using the Afinia L801 we will be offering a special price. Please contact the HD Labels team for details along with your Afinia L801 serial number to qualify.

HD Labels

01264 335118 or

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