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The Point of Purchasing Advertising Industry (PPAI) state that packaging has just 3-7 seconds to make an impression.

In recent years, brand owners have looked to high gloss label materials to enhance product shelf appeal, but could engaging our other senses help to make products stand out from the crowd.

 Visual Effect Labels

New special effect coatings are making it possible for label finishes to be metallic, fluorescent, iridescent and even glittery. Mirrored silvers and golds are becoming more common particularly in cosmetic labelling.

Colour shift coatings could also be used to make colours vary depending on the angle at which the label is viewed.

Interactive Coatings

Thermochromic coatings could be used to change the colour of labels depending on the temperature. Perhaps a soft drink label could be blue when refrigerated but silver at room temperature.

Photochromic coatings might be used to reveal a hidden message after exposure to UV light, or a Halloween treat might glow in the dark.


If a consumer touches a product then this greatly improves the chance of a purchase being made. Tactile coatings could be added to create a silky feel or perhaps have a rough sand like texture.

Using Flexo coatings to recreate the impressions of embossing or debossing could become a lower cost alternative to traditional methods used to achieve this.

Scented Labels

It is well known that powerful aromas are linked to memories so it could soon be possible for brands to link a scent to a label.  By handling products which have been printed with microencapsulated scents, aromas can be released without scratching. This could be of particular interest for products such as body lotions, shampoos and shower gels.

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